That is what the revolutionary offices of the city of Malaga will look like

That is what the revolutionary offices of the city of Malaga will look like

Así serán las revolucionarias oficinas de la ciudad de Málaga

That is what the revolutionary offices of the city of Malaga will look like

That is what the revolutionary offices of the city of Malaga will look like

The new office complex in Malaga will have a gross leasable area (GLA) of more than 20,000 m2 built and more than 43,000 m2 of open spaces.

It is an area of intelligent and multifunctional spaces established on the former land, now occupied by Cortijo Jurado, close to the University of Malaga, the area planned for EXPO 2027 and the Malaga Technology Park.

Behind this innovative project is SUBA, a development company belonging to Sinerba Holding. Their managers assure that this project is a revolutionary proposal that responds to the demand generated resulting from the evolution that the city of Malaga has been experiencing in recent years. The project complements and enriches the current offer of urban buildings, covering the growing demand in the city from national and international companies.

Bartolomé Inglés, general manager of SUBA, said: ‘At the company, we are very excited about the development of this project. We were aware of the need to adapt workspaces to new working habits and, due to the pandemic, we consolidated the idea of creating a multifunctional space’.

Designed by the Estudio de Arquitectura y Urbanismo Ángel Asenjo y Asociados, a benchmark studio in Malaga that has already begun the necessary urban planning procedures to extend the uses permitted by the PGOU. ‘The project is conceptualized under three pillars: well-being, technology and sustainability,’ explains Ángel Asenjo.

Health and well-being at the heart of the employee experience

Where previously efficiency was prioritised, today the focus is on optimising the employee experience. The project defines a concept of attractive offices through design, a careful interior design and an offer of services that aims to turn the act of going to work into a completely different experience. Now it will be the other way around: 60% of the surface area will be dedicated to individual workstations and the remaining 40% to common areas. ‘We are aware that companies demand multi-purpose places’, say SUBA.

Connectivity so that remote and on-site employees can work together; the prominence of collaborative and social areas, with different types of spaces; the flexibility and versatility of the spaces and their equipment, and the humanisation of the working environment were the concepts on which the proposal was based. The main concept is using the office for tasks that require personal contact, such as teamwork, socialising, learning and the development of creativity.

‘We have conceptualised a project in which different space formats will coexist so that they can be adapted to the work model of each company. Our city has a high concentration of technology companies, a sector that especially values flexible workspaces, but also companies that are looking for large open-plan areas that allow them to concentrate numerous employees,’ says Bartolomé Inglés.

Technology, the best ally of sustainability 

Likewise, specialized companies have collaborated during the project stage, which will be in charge of optimising the design and building materials to reduce significantly its energy use, plus searching for eco-friendly and economical alternatives to the construction systems of the project. In this way, the company aims at obtaining the highest environmental certifications, so that the complex not only minimises energy use and resources, but it also contributes to improving users’ health and well-being.

 “We aim to turn this complex into an eco-friendly island, so it is self-sufficient, both for generating energy as consuming and storing. About the concept of an eco-friendly island, introducing green spaces and sheets of water will contribute to reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and the ambient temperature, and it will support the workers’ health and well-being”, guarantees SUBA’s CEO. And he adds: “Efficiency and optimising emissions are the heart of current projects that are responsible towards the future”.

Among some other functionalities, the buildings making up the complex will include façades dimming the entry of natural light according to the needs of the moment, as well as lighting sources with LED technology dimming automatically the optimum ambient luminosity. In addition, the building will have a system of photovoltaic solar panels to produce electric energy and innovative systems of temperature control and air quality inside the complex.

Space as a strategic tool for a new office model

Due to the abandonment of the face-to-face model and the introduction of new hybrid ones, organizations realised that gathering individual workstations is no longer as necessary as spaces for collaborative use, where to hold meetings, innovate, connect or breathe the corporate culture. This observation imposes a new way of designing rooms, which can modify their distribution, get soundproofed to hold hybrid meetings with on-site and remote staff and adapt to their new needs. 

“Our goal is to create a business centre where workspaces are flexible and can adapt to different formats or work models implemented by each company. This way, we will separate the space allowing the coexistence of different formats (serviced offices, cowering areas, pay-per-use zones, etc.), in which the user can be included in a community of similar mixed profiles”, points out SUBA’s leading manager.

 The commitment to people’s well-being and the improvement of the workspace to develop creativity and performance are the basic premises ruling over this project, which will soon see the light of day in Malaga. 

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